- the 1st Social Challenge Network, Empowered by Blockchain.

Social network of positive challenges is made to create and accomplish different challenges in one platform. This is a part of world progress as it will cover not only extreme, but also social and progress areas. Using blockchain technology assures data safety and fulfilment of obligations.

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Canias ERP

Canias ERP is a business management system, not only will you control all of your company's processes and data, you will also avoid the chaos that can occur when using different systems.

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Serfy - unique software for issue ticketing and field service management.

It is simple yet powerful tool to report - distribute - solve issues within your company or with partners. The main idea behind is the network of companies which can connect each other and create - perform tasks while sharing task statuses and other information.

Serfy is mostly used by Shopping and Business centers to manage tenant issues and tasks for staff or service providing companies.

Serfy helps to increase communication speed, efficiency and transparency. Moreover helps manage client expectations, staff workload, track task statuses in real time, store all history and much more.

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