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Customer relationships are instrumental to the success of your business. Waynord is committed to providing best-in-class Customer Relationship Management (CRM) developments and technologies that augment your sales, marketing and business processes through valuable insights in consumer behaviour. Waynord is an expert in CRM integration and programming and we start with a detailed analysis of crucial business needs and structure. Our experience with a number of startups and businesses from several countries allows for accurate predictions about the features that will fit in and those that won’t.        


End-to-end CRM application development

Open source CRM solution development

CRM solution customization


  • Enhanced customer experience with the company through total process clarity and faster transactions.
  • Efficient management of customer data, past purchase patterns and preferences.
  • Complete administrative control over the CRM process with system transparency.
  • Better insight into the sales team productivity.
  • Automated alerts, emails, and reminders so that no critical calls are missed or delayed.
  • Intuitive features and customization options especially designed for the sales or customer care personnel.
  • Easy market trends analysis.
  • SaaS CRM applications could be used from multiple locations and in multiple languages.
  • Flexibility and scalability to meet the growing needs of your organization.

Some of our projects


Warehouse management system with CRM

Using the ODOO standard, a production management system has been developed with a warehouse module that is linked to CRM. The system supports the workers registration at each terminal and the produced solar modules are scanned. This helps to avoid filling the production forms (who, how much and what has been produced).

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Warehouse management system with CRM

A logistics module was developed to monitor waste container reservations, employment and movements. Generate raw material and revenue reports from various sections. A driver environment was created to help them receive and complete tasks to determine the location of the container on the GPS coordinates.

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