MVPs are great for startups and product teams

Maximize validated learning about customers as quickly as possible.


Rapid design prototyping - MVP shipped in 12-16 weeks

Full team support - analyst, PM, programmers, designers, testers

User-friendly and beautiful UI/UX - designed by our in-house design agency

Agile software development - managed with SCRUM principles

Long-term support - continue product development after MVP period

Remote-friendly management - for outsourced development without barriers


  • Build something small, because small things are predictable and inexpensive to test.
  • Get it into the market quickly, because real learning occurs only when real customers are using a real product.
  • Trash it if it’s a flop, or invest if it’s a seedling with potential.

Some of our projects

Copyright Agent

Copyright Agent is a Danish startup specializing in the detection of online violations for various media agencies. We created a promotional website, client portal as well as an information management system.

PHP / Yii / jQuery / HTML/CSS

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